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"Wouldn't you rather be a nurse?." -my mom, upon my acceptance to theatre school
"I think advertising is your vocation."- Mr Penzari, my grade 7 teacher
"I see you teaching in Indonesia"- Silver Star, psychic

"The acting was terrific....It was fascinating to watch Lyons..." -Sam Mooney, Mooney on Theatre (review for The Sad Blisters, Glass Hammer Productions)

"Andrea Lyons, playing Trixie, (is) letter perfect, firing an endless rat-atat-tat of peppy dialogue that delivers exposition and character with equal enthusiasm." -Jesse Willis, (review for Black Jack Justice, Decoder Ring Theatre)

"He gets some good performances out of a large cast, notably Andrea Lyons' tart Egeus."-Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine (review for A Midsummer Night's Dream, Alchemy Theatre)

"Andrea Lyons is perfectly hysterical as Sister Leona who's taken a vow of silence. Best. Entrance. Ever."
-Cathy McKim, Life With More Cowbell (review for Brockfest, Alumnae Theatre)

"Andrea Lyons, as the trollopy Mistress Quickly (is) especially good."- Paul Isaacs, EYE (review for The Merry Wives of Windsor, Alchemy Theatre)

"...easygoing, athletic comic timing of her cast (with MacDonald and Lyons especial stand-outs). -Paul Isaacs, EYE (review for The Servant of Two Masters, Scaramouche Theatre)

"I've never liked you and I still don't" -Carson Lyons, beloved niece